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The benefits of being a member of the
Allouez Business Association are numerous:

Grow your professional and personal network through attending the monthly lunch
meetings and annual special events, including Casino Night, Golf Outing and Holiday Party.

Increase online exposure by being featured on Allouez Business Association’s website

Gain additional company exposure by being "Business of the Month"

Promote your business by participating at the Annual Excellence in Business Awards

Create valuable business relationships with
local professionals

Low cost membership dues ($150/year - includes lunch that is provided by the Association during monthly meetings)


Membership Application

Allouez Business Association - Membership

Membership Description:
All membership dues include a lunch that is provided by the Association at the regular meeting session.
Primary   ($150): The primary member from the business or residence that will hold voting   privileges on Association business matters. A business may have up to 3 primary members.

General   ($135): Additional member from the Primary Members business - no voting privileges.

Associate ($100): Shall be elected government officials residing in the Village of Allouez or retired members - no voting privileges.

Membership dues will be established annually by the Board of Directors on a fiscal year January 1 – December 31.
Thirty (30) day notice regarding the membership dues shall be given to all existing members. Notices shall be posted for public view through various outlets as chosen by the Board of Directors. Existing members will have forty-five (45) days from January 1st to make full payment of their membership dues. Fourteen (14) days prior to the maturity, a final written notice will be sent to the contact person on the application. Failure to make payment will result in complete membership termination.

If you are interested in joining the Allouez Business Association,
please print and mail your application and payment to:

Allouez Business Association
2221 S Webster Ave Ste A PMB 154
Green Bay, WI 54301-2139